The Tem of six University of Peradeniya reaches

By L.B.Senmartne

The Team of six Undergraduates with a woman undergraduate left the country last month has reached the “Island Peak ” ( Imja Tse ) their destination of 6189 meters above mean sea lvel at 8.27 am on 27th April 2024.

This climb to the Everest Peak was organized by the University Exploders Club
of the University of Peradeniya.

‘The Everest team ‘ included a woman undergradute from the Faculty of Engneering Sanduni Kanchana in the climb to everest to 6200 feet above mean sea level. but has reached 6189 feet above mean sea level

The Six Undergraduates commenced their climb on the first week of April and was scheduled to reach the ” Kiss of Everst ” as scheduled

There had been a successful climb sometime ago by Universtiy Undergraduates but they seems to not gone so far and it was a male led team . This the first time that a woman had been included to climb everest.

The Team included J.B.Harsha Dahmapriya ( Leader ), R.M.T.B Hasha Dharmapriya, R.M.T.T.B.Samarakoon,H.M.C.S.Madawala, W.H.M.Dilsan, Ms Sanduhni Kanchana,M.M.H.A.B.Manaperuma.

They had been undergoing regular excelsis to withstand the most dangerous and steep climb at the Physical Training department of the University. He said that if they succeed they would be the first to reach such an altitude and to take the ‘ three passes route, whicvh they had done.

The Vice Chancellor Professor M.D.Lamawansa and the Dons have congratulated on their achievement.

The Team photograph at the Summit Island Peak on the 27th of April with the Sri Lankan Flag. at 6189 feet bove mean sea level.- Am achievement

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