A Resercher with 33 years of experience in the Agriculutral field Dhammikla Wetttewewea

By L.B.Senaratne

, says that ‘ Fall Army ‘ or what is popular known as ” Sena Caterpillar |” cannot be eradicated totally from Sri Lanka and one has to stay with this devasting Caterpillar.

He told the ” Daily Mirror ” that this Caterpillar not only is a curse on Maize, it could come to paddy , chillie crops , grass and anything that is green. The notion to change the cultivation period is just to get away with the fact that adequate precautions had not been taken to curtail their presence.

He said that he has a Patent Right for a mixture which he is preapred to give to the farmer and also the recipe to them so that they could make it at their home. The cost is only around Rs.6,20. He added that this mixture had been tested out the Department of Agrciulture, Mahailluppalam Insitute and it is recorded that this mixture is 95 per cent effect on the caterpillar, for which a letter had been sent to him after the trials.

Though the Department of Agriculture had said that the Caterpillar ‘ Sena Dambulawa ” is under contorl, yet he vehemently says that the Caterpillar cannot be totally eradicated from the country.

He again emphasised that his reserached mxture ingrediants are ther free of charge to any farme who needs them and that the mixture could be prepared at home and spryaed within four hours of its preparation. The quantity has ben be made by the farmer according to the acareage, he added.

Resercher and Scientist is a Graduate of the Universtiy of Peradneiya an has be the Director of a Multi-National Sri Lanka Institute who had been exporting ‘ Aspharagus ” and ‘ Mushrooms ‘
He has 33 years of experience in the field of Agrculture.

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