323 Birth Anniversary of Ven.Weliwita Sangharaja Thero

By L.B.Semaratne


Capt: Henegama former Principal (now at Galagedera ) of Sangarajapura Primary school places a tray of flowers at the foot of the Statue of Venerable Panapadika Asara Sarana Weliwita Sangharaja Thera in commemorating his 323 Birth Anniversary.

Thw Sangharaja was instrumental in bringing down Upasampada or Higher Ordination rites when these rites had waned off Sri Lanka and not a single monk was available with Upasamapda rites.

There is no record that this Sanghraja was remembered at any other place in Sri Lanka. on his birth Anniversary which fell on 16th June.

This Statute of rhe Sangharaja was erected during the time of Captain Henegama was the Principal of the school and was unveiled by Governor Tikiri Kobbekaduwa.




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