Beautifying the long walk towards the post office from Clock twoer Bus stand

By L.B.Senaratne

Kandy City which is moving towards much pollution with Heavy traffic and the fumes that emit from vehicles has not stopped. But, the Kandy municipality is finding ways and means in the midst of the present Health situation as to how best it could find fresh air for those who use the roads on foot

The Municipality with the allocation of a Council Member Ms. Anoma Ellegedera has launched its first project to beautify the walk leading from the Clock tower bus stand towards the Kandy Post office passing the Telecom office by installing a cover with creepers so that there would be a shade for the long walk and also to beautify the sides of the walk with creepers and flowers.

In addition, the project also proposes to send creepers along with the trees so that the drabness of the vacant area would be filled with creepers and flowers.

Some of these are shown in the photographs as below. This project was inaugurated on Poson Day.


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