The oldest Perahera commences commences

By L.B.Senaratne

The oldest Perahera in the Hills commenced on Monday at Authnuwara, the beginning of the Kandy Esala Perahera. The Peraehra is scheduled to end on 25th July 2021

The Basnayake Nilame Mahen Ratwatte, also the Maha Vishnu Devale in Kandy told the ‘Daily Mirror’ from Aluthnuwara, that the rituals and th Peraherr’s would be continued as in previous years but only around twenty-five people would be allowed to enter the Peaehra area which is on the grounds or the Maluwa of the Devale.

He added that the normal rituals connected with the Perahera would be conducted according to the time-honored tradition connected with the Perahera.

Incidentally Authnuwara Perahera is the oldest Perahera in the Hills and it was at once the time the Perahera held for God Vishnu during the period of King Senerat. But, by his shifting the effigy f God Vishnu to Kandy, the Perahra is been held for God Dedimunda.

It is from Aluthnuwara that the ” Kap ” for the Kandy Perahera is been taken for the ritual at Kandy at the four Devales.

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