By L.B.Senaratne

The annual ” Meepani | ( Bees Honey ) from Dambana was offered by Vanial Attho to the Saced Tooth Relic on 18th August ( today ). The offering was ar the Inner Shrine Room with the Diyawadana Nilame and the Nayake Thera of the Inner Shrine Room Veneraable Tibbotuwawe Medankara Thera.

Firstly the Bees Honey was accedpted by the Diyawadna Nilame Praeep Nilanga Dela at the Drummers Hall and with others of the Vannila Athoo. Obly Vannila Atho was allowed into the Inner Srine Room due to the pressent Pandemic situation.

Vannilla Aththo also offered other offereings brought from Dambana to teh Sacred Tooth Relic.

This offereing is part of the traditionaly offering during the first day of Randdoli Perhera which would be held on 18th Night- the first Randoli Perahera.

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