Open Verdict 

By L.B.Senaratne

The Kandy Acting Mahgistrate  Mahinda Liyange recorded an open verdict on the death of the 21 year old woman Madushika Iayaratne who died at the Peradeniyha Hospital in  ward 07.
The acting magistrate ordered the Police to record the statement of the nurse who administered the injection  and also that of the Medical Officer of the ward. 
The deceaased was brought into the Peradeniya Hosptial around 9 am accordignt ot the mother of the deceased Maya Indrani and then removed to ward no: 07 around 12 noon.
The mother and Faher Y.P.Jayaratne were in the ward when the injections were administered and the time when the patient  ran into the toilet after the second injection when she claimed that heat was coming-out of her eyes.

It is claimed by the parents J.R.Yayaratne that the deceased was admitted to the emergency ward and with a saline drip she was taken to ward seven, which the parents following her.

At the ward a Nursing sister had then given a injection and as the deceased was still claiming her hands were numb after the injection another injection  was given by the nurse, without any Medical prescription  alleges the parents.,when the body became blue and she was crying out in pain.
She ran into the toilet saying that heat was coming out of eyes and went and bent her head on the wash basin in the toilet.  Y.R.Jayaratne said that his wife Maya  ran with the deceased and he shouted saying ” Save My Child “

Immediately a number of nurses knowing the situation, came running and lifted the deceased and put her on a bed and commenced massaging her chest.  But, by that time he found that the deceased had collapsed and was dead.

 In the meantime a number of deaths had been recorded at the Peradeniya Teaching Hosptial during the past few months and it seems that no proper investigation has not been carried out. .  People who visit the hospital also allege that the attendants who are in the clinics are there for years and they rule the clinics while the Medical staff seems to be afraid of them

A question is been raised in the Medical circles in Kandy as what right has any Nurse to administer a injection without a written prescription by a Registered Medical staff  after  the death of a 21 year old woman who is alleged to have gone “Blue ” after a second  injection administered by a Nurse at ward 07 of the Peradeniya Teaching Hospital

Dr. Prabath Semasinghe conducted  the post Mortem at the Peradeniya  Hospital Morgue.

Peradeniya Teaching Hospital Authorities and the Peradeniya Police are conducting Independent inquiries on the allegations levied by the parents of the deceased.
The deceased parents Y.R.Jayaratne Alleges that the entire responsibility on the death of their only child should be laid at the feet of the Peradeniya Teaching Hospital 
The Teching Hospital was been established on a outright grant by the Japanese government and visited by the present King as the Crown Prince of Japan.
The deceased Chandra Jayaratne had been admitted to the Katupitya Rural Hosptial with a symptom of vomiting and pain.  As there was no improvement Katupitiya Hospital   had sent the, now deceased to Peradeniya teaching Hospitsal.
People who visit the hospital also allege that the attendants who are in the clinics are there for years in one clinic and they rule the clinics while the Medical staff seems to be afraid of them.  The patients are of opinion that the attendants in the clinics should be changed as sometimes the clinical Cards  go  missing. and new cards are inserted and the Medics, rightly do not know the earlier symptoms or the prescription.  Clinics ruled afre ruled  by the Attendants than by the Medical  Staff.
A through investigation should be carried out by an Independent Committee on the Peradeniya teaching Hospital alleges the people who attend the Peradenioya Hospital

On the other hand the Canteen is insanitary worse than a  ” Bath Kade ” and no one takes any notice, it is alleged. 

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