Godl Meadlist Thausi Karanratne and her Coac Susantha Fernando  been conducted to the venue of KCC

By L.B.Senarfatne

In the midst of a feliticiation ceremony at Kandy City Center, for  Tharushi Karunaratne the Asian Gold Medalist, a lone old woman came forward and wrapping her earrings in a small paper gave it to Karushi Karunaratne and blessed her better results in the future.. 
The coach of Tharush Susantha Feranando was also feliciated at the same ceremony for his efforts to bring Tharusii to this level  Thevent was organised by the Old Sportsman of A.Ratnayake Maha Vidyalaya.. 
She refused to divulge her name or to allow a phtograph to be taken, but blessed Tharushi for a Beter gold in the future.
The even was orangised by the A Ratnayake Madyama Vidyala old  Sportman A which was chaired by Governor of Central Province Lalith U.Gamage.
Among those present were Diyawadana Nilame Pradeedp Nilanga Dela and offcials
The Managing Director of KCC Thusitha Wikesinghe presented a gold Chain to Tharusi and a number of presents were presented by various associaions.

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