Preparing the tree that would bed cut for Kap cremony in Kandy

By L.B.Senaratne
Kandyan Hills would be a hive of activity as drums will hrob in the ancient captial of Kandy from 21st August 2023
To this end the first act would be to cut a ‘milky’ tree and this is carried out at Aluthnuwera where once stood the Devale of God Maha Vishnu until King Senarath brought it the effigies of God Vishnu and the effigy of Queen  Sunethra  the Quenn of Parakarama Bahu II. to Kandy.
The preparations to cut the ‘ milky ‘ tree commenced at Aluthnuwara Dedimunda Deavle premises at the auspiciosu time of 9.13 am today seven days prior to the Kap Planting at the four Devales in Kandy.
The tree was cleaned, and rituals were observed and demarcated for the cutting of the tree on the 16th August to be removed to Kandy on the 16 th morning itself in procession. for the planting of Kap on the 17th at the auspicious time of  6.12 am at the four develas in Kandy
The photgraph shows the tree in the foreground been cleansed with incense daily upto the itme of cutting by the ‘Vidances’ (the Sericemen) of the Devale of God Dedimunda.
The cutting will take place on the 16th early morning hours  , after which the cut tree would be taken to Kandy again to  be cut to four ;pieces for the planting ceremony , whch function would take palce at Sri Maha Vishnu Devale with the concurrent of the Basnayske Nilame of the Devale, both of Kandy and Aluthnuwra Mahendra Ratwatte..

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