Mahiyangana Perahera

By L.B.SenaratrneThe Final Randoli of Mahiygana Raja Maha Vihare was held at Historic Raja Maha Viahre complex on 30th Sptember ( last night ) with the Veddah Perahera on the early hours of October.Mahiyngana has a steep history where Buddha had visied in teh ninth month after his enlightment and brought about a dispute.  The  now venerated as God Saman prayed that a relic be given to rememer Buddha'[s visit.  A loft of hair had been offefred to him where a 30 cubit Dagao was built and later various Kings enlarged the Dagabo to he presen height.The last person to adorned the Dagabo with a Golden  Pinnacle was former Prime Minster Dudley Sennanyake, perhaps his last visit too.The Karanduwa was brought down by the Mahanayke of Asgiri Venerable Panditha Warakgoda Gnanratne Thera- the Trustee of the Mahiyangana Raja Maha Vihare by virtue of his office as Mahanaayke.
The Karanduwa was handed over to the Incumbent of  Mahiyagana Raja Mahas Vihare Venrable Panditha Urulawatte Dhamrakeerthi  Thera to place the Karanduwa onthe Tusker  for the Perahera to commence.

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