By L.B.Senaratne
The Medical Officer of Helath has not given his approval to distribute a  ready made food item  free during the Kandy Perahera season to people who come and sit for hours for the Perahera.
When at the Perahera arrangement meeting, Diyawadana Nilame Prasdeep Nilanga Dela  inquried as to why permission has not been granted for a particular food item,  fpr  its distribution, the Medical Officer who was present said that since Cocount  ingredients are in this food item fro more than four hours before distibution,  , the possiblity of a reaction detrimental to health is a possibility and therefore he cannot allow the food item to be distributed.
 It is the responsibility of the Kandy Municipal Council to safeguard the health of those who ‘flock’ to Kandy for the Perhaera, but the question is raised, whether all food items in Hotels are also checked for their cleanliness and suitability by the Municipal authorities during the period of the Perahera as much or the food item in question.
It has also  been brought forward that ninety percent of the Hotels in Kandy has no proper toilet facilities for their customers. and in a majority of Hotels  even their toilet facilties are closed during the period of the Perahera for their own  customers.

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