Vioin King with children

By L.B.Senaratne
I met the most simple and charming Violin Maestro, a Sri Lankan Born, whose grandfather  was the initiator of the Tamil Music department of then t” Ceyon Boradcstng Corpration” which is now Sri Lanka Boradcasting Corportaiton -= Dr.Ambi Subramanium

Much would have appeared in the newspapers, but the most important aspect of this Violin Maestro was his contribution to the school children drawn from various parts of the country, by presenting a one day workshop at the University of Peradeniya, Gymnasium
To the writer it was something out of the ordinary, when visiting invitees to the University has spoken and returned back, but to be with the school children and give his experience is a a another aspect of this young and simple man with a Violin carried by him sittting for nearly four hours with the children in this massive Gymnasium and teaching them the finer aspects of  playing the ‘ Violin ‘.
The school children was thrilled,, but they would have not known with whom they were sitting to learn the playing of the ” violin “
All this was done by Dr.Subramanium , with a recital for the public to be held a few hours aftter this workshop .
Dr.Subrmanium learnt  to paly the violin at the age of three years and he was in  and out of the CBC with his grandfather.

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