Walli Yak Mangalyha

By L.B.Senaratne
The finale of the Kandy Esala ritual concluded with the entry of Gara Yakka at the Walli Yak Mangalaya at the Sri Maha Vishnu Devale on Thrusday evening
Fotr seven days dancers and drummefrs from the abode of God Dedimunda from Aluthnuwar conducted the Walli Yakk Mangalaya at the Vishnu Devale.  The were dancers and drumemrs who  did not take part in the Kandy Esala ritual or the Kandy Esala Perahera.
They called for Gara Yakka to come to the forecourt of the Devale and take his prey in the form of sweat meats, frunts, water and of course the money in coins.
Precisely at 4 p.m he came into the forecourt and was questioned by the chief of the drummers Nisantha whether he would leave in peace without an evil eye on the Banayuakea Nilames , dancers, drummers and those who participated int he Perahera ritual.
He said he would leave all in Peace, when he is given the prey.
People around who know of the goodwill of the Gara Yakka comes to the ritual and tie vows on the ‘ Tail ” of the Dancers for the vows to mature before the next Esala Rtual.
The rital was organized by the Basnayake Nilame of Maha Vishnu Devale and teh Bansayek 

Nilame of Aluthnuwara Devale Mahendra Ratwatte

Photographh shows Gara Yakk after he enters the forecoourt, been questioned by the Lead Dancer Nissantha as to whether he would leave after the taking the prey in form of sweatmeats, water, rice and ofcours coins.

2. Devotees of Sri Masha Vishnu Devale ties vows on the ‘Tail” of the Ves Dncers who performs the Mangalaya

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