IGP Meets President

By L.B.Senaratne

The ‘ new ‘ incumbent to the office of the most prestigiouws psotionin Public Servcie,  Inspector General of Police. T.K.M.R. Deshabandu Tennakoon met resident Ranil Wikcramasinghe on the 29th February at the Presidents office, according to a Press Release of the Media Division of the President.

The first Inspector General of Police was Sir G.R.W.Campbell  who was Inspector General of Police trice once in 1873-1891 and then 1866-1872

The Controversial IGP Sir Herbert L. Dwiggins was the IGP from 1913- 1937, during the Gampola riots but he made no orders , the Government Agenct made the orders by which IGP  Sitr Dowbiggin washed his hands off the riots.

Then the first Ceylonese IGP was Sir Richard Aluvhare a Civil Servant, with a Military background, and  he is instrumentsal to build modern  houses from ” dingy homes ” commencing from Bamabalpitiya Hosung scheme for the Policemen and to remove the ” Force ‘ motto to ” Serivce ” witht he concurrent of the Late Prime Minister D.S.Sennayake PC Later Sir Richard’s son in Law Osmund de Silva also became the IGP.

Determination was the keynote of the present IGP and it is hoped by all Citians that corruption within the force and outside would be eradicated to his intentions..   We wish him well,

The ;postion of the Inspector Genral of Police is both a privelage psotion and also a ;ostion to safegaurd the citizen of the country.

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