The final Day Perahera which conclues today

By L.B.Senaratne

The final Day Perahera which conclues today ( Sudnay 23rd ) at the Devale of Dedimuinda in Aluthnwara off Hinglua, would be the prelude to the Kandy Esala Perhera that is scheduled to commence on 21st of August.
The Perahera to honour God Dedimunda is consideered first Perahera in the Hills and the Perahera has a link to the South of country as the first Perahera came into the ‘new’  City or  Aluthnuwara from Dondra to pay homage to God Maha Vishnu.
Due to the ever ending wars to access into the Hill country by the Dutch and  Portuguese through Aluthnuwara King Senart shifted the effigies of God Maha Vishnu and his consort  Sunethra to Kandy and built the present Maha Vishnur Devale.
The Basnayke Nilame fo Maha Vishnu Mahen Rtwatte is also the Basnayake Nilame of the present Dedimunda Devale at Aluthnujwrsa under whose custody the Perhera is enacted till today, ( 23rd ) ending with the Day Perahera
Saturday night was the final night of the Perahera at Aluthnuwara.It is from this Devale premises that the ” Kap ” for the Kandy Esala Perahera is cut and removed to be planted at the four Devales in Kandy on the 17th of August. 2023
So ends the first Perahers in the Hills and the begining of the National Ritual – the Kandy Esala perahera with links to  Dondra 
At Aluthnuwara , some Perhera’s are conducted during the morning hours and some in the nights. for one month

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